ICCC supports proposed reforms for Internet rates

The Independent Consumer & Competition Commission says Internet rates will remain high if proposed reforms are not looked into seriously.

ICCC Chief Executive Officer, Paul Ain, told Loop PNG that the suggested reforms will place them and other regulators in a better position to address the issue.

He said this following the launching of the report ‘Why are internet prices high in Papua New Guinea’ at the National Research Institute yesterday.

Ain said in terms of pricing the National Information & Communications Technology Authority  (NICTA) would step in to regulate.

“The reform should place the two regulators (ICCC & NICTA) in a better position where they can effectively regulate this industry,” said Ain.

“Otherwise there will be regulatory gaps that will continue to exist.”

The function of pricing was previously with the ICCC before amendments to the ICCC Act parked t he responsibility under NICTA.

“NICTA is now the sole regulator of this industry,” said Ain.

While promoting the need to look into the suggested reforms, Ain called on Internet service providers to also lower internet prices.

Cedric Patjole