Hunters’ coach Marum pleased with win

The SP PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum was pleased with the win against strong team and competition leaders in the Instrust Super Cup, Townsville Blackhawks.

Marum said after the game that Blackhawks are a quality side and it was a narrow win.

The coach admitted that they did too many errors in the second half but they were lucky to win the game by one point.

“We just have to go back to the recorded videos and see where we went wrong and we can polish up in those areas.

“We’ve won five out of six games but we still got a lot of work to do,” Marum said.

The coach added that with former Hunter Willie Minoga on the Blackhawks side, their focus was on everyone out there and not just on Minoga.

“We wanted Willie to have a good game against us and in front of his home fans.

“He got away with that try, I think he wasn’t happy about the game but he had his family and friends backing him today,” Marum said.

Blackhawks coach Kristian Woolf said it was a very tough game where both teams put up a fight as expected.

“I was really proud of our effort in that sense because we made way too many errors.

“The fact that we had plenty of opportunities where we could have built a little pressure and given ourselves an opportunity to win the game but every time we did, we made errors,” Woolf said.

Both teams thanked the crowd for the support.

Quintina Naime