Hungary sending buses to take migrants to border

Hungary says it will send a fleet of buses to the main Keleti train station in Budapest and to the M1 highway heading to Vienna after hundreds of migrants decided to stop waiting for permission to get on trains and set off for Austria on foot.

In striking scenes, over 1,200 migrants walked all day and into the night along the highway, sometimes disrupting traffic with their vast numbers. At a train station in the northern town of Bicske, several hundred other migrants refused police demands to go to a camp, broke through a police cordon and took off for the Austrian border.

Janos Lazar, chief of staff for Prime Minister Viktor Orban says "this is a opportunity. The immigrants have to decide whether they want to take advantage of it. We are taking this step so Hungary's transportation is not paralyzed during the next 24 hours."

He said the buses will take the migrants to the main Hegyeshalom crossing with Austria. It's not clear, however, if the migrants will trust authorities and get on the buses. They were tricked earlier this week to get on a train that did not go to Austria.

Also there's no answer yet from Austria whether they will let the migrants in.