Huge potential for cattle industry in Sepik Plains

The Sepik Plains covering nearly half of the provincial landmass across five Districts in East Sepik Province hold a huge potential for cattle industry development in PNG.

Chairman of Livestock Export Corporation of Meat and Livestock Association of Australia, David Galvin, said this after touring the Sepik Plains last weekend.

Galvin came to the Sepik Plains at the invitation of Member for Yangoru Saussia and Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry Richard Maru.

Galvin along with another Cattle Development Expert, Garry Cook and local expert Dr Keith Galgal travelled across the Sepik Plains over two days to look at the grassland, water and to meet the local communities and assess the opportunity to invest in large-scale cattle industry development involving production, processing and marketing.

He said that in his many years with Australian Livestock Industry, he has not seen rolling grassland hills and gullies such as presented by the Sepik Plains.   He said the grasslands and gullies have already been divided into paddocks of natural grassland and there is very little bush clearing to be done which means less cost for land development.

Galvin said the 400,000 ha of grassland have the potential to carry up to 100,000 heads of cattle in 10 years.

This is a long-term investment and would require serious capital investment and commitment from all stakeholders and stockholders.

The industry will create thousands of jobs and spin off business for the people of East Sepik and improve their social well-beings.

Freddy Mou