Huge crowd with placards meets ministerial delegation

A huge crowd has now gathered at a local primary school, bearing placards calling for their royalties and equities to be paid after more than 200 LNG cargoes have been shipped.

Some of the demands on the placards read "No Kandakasi team in Hides PDLs 1, 7 &9. ADR step down".

The main issues the landowners now seem to have is the payment of royalties.

In one of the placards, the landowners claim there is no landowner issue and they want their monies to be paid.

They also demand to know how much of their royalties are now being kept in trust accounts.

Talks have now started as landowner spokesman Andy Hamaga has taken to the podium to set the stage for talks to be held.

A ministerial team left for Hides today to meet with the aggrieved landowners of the PNG Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in Hela.

The group comprises of the finance and petroleum ministers, a member of parliament, managing directors of trustee entities, officials from ExxonMobil and the media.

This visit came about following actions taken by landowners to lock the gates to the Hides Conditioning Plant and the gates to several well pads supplying LNG to the plant.

Ruth Rungula