How to make your style your own, think like a fashion editor

If you're a seasoned fashion industry professional (like the impeccably dressed Zanna Roberts Rassi) a distinct personal style is most definitely a skill that you have in the bag.

Even if you're not a fashion editor yourself, chances are that you've honed in on a few key "looks" that work for you. Maybe it's a classic jeans and T-shirt combo. Maybe it's a shift dress. Regardless, what really makes a "look" your own is the extra effort—a.k.a. the accessories.

Don't worry though, no need to keep up with crazy trends or splurge on designer labels to personalize your outfit. To take your staple items into new territory, assert your individuality by curating your outfit with new pieces that are special to you.

For tips on how to make your style your own and to learn how to trust your instinct when it comes to fashion, Zanna shares her philosophy below!

Find Your "Thing": If you've noticed, the fashion editor is hardly ever in heels. In fact she mostly sticks to sneakers, specifically her Adidas Stan Smiths. "I wear them with everything to anywhere—they keep my look grounded and cool and they are super-versatile," said the pro. Not a sneakers girl? Your "thing" can be anything under the sun—from a signature nail color, to a set of rings or even a staple handbag. Your choice accessories are your everyday add-ons that will customize your look—no matter your outfit!

Focus on Creating a "Look": According to Zanna, "Anything that is put together well from head to toe," is what she considers a standout outfit. To avoid looking careless and thrown together, Zanna recommended taking a beat to thoughtfully create a full "look" for the day. This includes the hair, the makeup and, of course, your signature accessories.

Juxtaposition Is Key: Zanna describes her personal style as contradictory. "If I wear something feminine, like a pretty, floaty dress—I'll add something masculine, like an oversized bomber jacket," the expert gave as an example. When it comes to tailoring a look of your own—don't go for anything too matchy-matchy. A collared shirt and A-line skirt teamed with a pair of classic pumps looks pretty, sure, but as a "look" it says nothing about your personality. Instead, a patterned blouse with a sweater pencil skirt and, say, suede lace-up flats, for example, feels anything but generic. "Adding something a little unexpected is a smart way to standout," assured Zanna.

Don't Be a Slave to Trends: You know that choker trend that everyone who is anyone is rocking right now? Well if you don't dig it, don't wear it. "Follow trends without being a victim—you can't be a slave to them," advised the pro. If you know that a trend doesn't work for you (or if it just plain does not excite you personally) do not go there.

Don't Get Comfortable: You may or may not be keen on hot trends like chokers or high-waisted jeans, and that's okay. According to Zanna though, the takeaway is that you do need to adapt in order to avoid a style rut. "Keep on evolving with the times, especially with the basics. Case in point: If you love jeans, switch it up with the newest shape. Swap skinnies for wide legs. If you gravitate toward sweaters, trade in V-necks for turtlenecks. No matter what, stay true to details that feel special to you, but don't be afraid to try your favorites in new and unexpected ways.