Highlander cheated in Bougainville

A betelnut buyer from the highlands region was cheated by a Bougainvillean and lost K1200 of his hard earned cash.

The local farmer stuffed and filled all his seven bags with wild palm nuts which were shaped and looked exactly like betelnut.

He then sold the bags for K200 per bag, got the cash of K1400, hoped back onto a boat and ran away back to his hamlet somewhere on the mainland of Bougainville.

A lot of people have condemned such behavior and say it is a shame to the whole of Bougainville and the matter should be reported to the police.

A concerned Bougainvillean who wishes to remain anonymous said this action will not go down well with outsiders and Bougainvilleans will never be trusted.

“This is a clear action of a con man and he has now spoilt our name as people who sell betelnut to earn a living here.

“He should be arrested and jailed for what he has done.

“Betelnut is now being taxed and the government is now generating revenue, and we should all respect that,” he said.

“All of us will now be known as con men just because of the actions of an ill mental individual who doesn’t appreciate getting money at the village leve,” he said.

Peterson Tseraha