Henganofi district to receive relief food supplies

About 50 thousand people in the Henganofi District in Eastern Highlands Province will receive the second lot of food supplies starting tomorrow.

Open member and Police Minister Robert Atiyafa and is team of volunteers will distribute supplies worth K1 million.

Each house hold is expected to receive a 20kg rice bag, 10kg flour bag, two bottles of 1liter oil, and some tinned fish.

Atiyafa who is currently in the district says the rains have started in the province and vegetation is starting to improve.

He says villagers have started replanting their gardens but food crops will take time to be ready.

As such we will continue to help our people how ever we can but I encourage all of them to start gardening again, he added.

The food supply is being bought with funds from the District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) and the National Disaster Office.

Joy Kisselpar