Hela and SHP MPs to address people following Agiru’s death

The elected Members of Parliament from Hela and Southern Highlands Province have taken note of the issues raised by the people of Hela following the death of the Late Governor Anderson Agiru.

The MPs are Peter O’Neill (Prime Minister / Ilalibu-Pangia), James Marape (Minister for Finance / Tari-Pori), Francis Awesa (Minister for Works and Implementation / Imbonggu Open), De Kewanu (Vice Minister for Works / Member for Mendi Open), William Powi (Governor for Southern Highlands Province), Jeffery Komal (Nipa-Kutubu Open), Francis Potape (Komo-Margarima Open), James Lagea (Kagua-Erave Open) and Philip Undialu (Koropa-Lake Kopiago).

The people of Hela have called on the Government to honour its commitment before sending the body of their Governor late Anderson Agiru for burial.

The late Governor Agiru’s funeral program was deferred to next week because the people want the government to look into some of their commitments.

In a collective statement, the MPs expressed their desire to see the projects and commitments of the Late Governor to be continued and properly funded by the Government.

They highlighted that many of these projects are ongoing and the Government has already started implementing these for completion in Hela and the Southern Highlands.

“We, the Leaders of the two provinces, including the Prime Minister, will ensure that the projects are completed as was envisaged by the Late Governor.

“These are issues that the Late Governor Agiru championed for more than 20 years in the interests of our people,” they said.

This includes the equity option in the LNG project for landowners and Provincial Government which the late Governor had been working on.

They confirmed that the equity option will be completed to the satisfaction of all parties as agreed under the Umbrella Benefits Sharing Agreement (UBSA).

They said the entire two provinces need to work together in a united way in the interests of our people.

“We, the Leaders stand in unity in our grief, and appeal to all of our people that we must not use the death of our Late Brother for leverage on these issues.

“You have your Government’s commitment, to you and to the legacy of the Late Governor Agiru, that we will honour his work for the benefit of our people.

“Now is the time to pay the respect that he deserves for his long and distinguished service to the Hela and Southern Highlands Provinces.

“We are in mourning with our people for the loss of a great Leader of our region and our nation,” they stated.

Meanwhile, all programs were deferred until further advice.

The full program will be published in the local media this week.

Quintina Naime