Hekari edge out Rapatona 2-1

Hekari United FC held off a strong Rapatona FC outfit to win 2-1 in this afternoon's main game of the Telikom National Soccer League competition at the Bisini Grounds.

It was the David and Goliath battle with Hekari the favourites to win.

A goal in the 16th minute of play to Hekari ' s Wira Wama put his side in front with all the momentum.

Hekari continued to ask questions, putting all the pressure on the Rapatona back line.

The score was 1-0 going into the break.

Rapatona equalized just after half time when Henry Ronny put one past the goal keeper in the 53rd minute.

This produced a change in the tide as Rapatona launched their comeback. Rapatona thoroughly dominated the next 20 minutes of play, threatening to score.

But Hekari 's Leslie Kalai was up to the task and his saves ensured Rapatona did not take the lead.

Hekari weathered the storm and gave themselves some breathing space with a goal from strike player Tommy Semmy after 70 minutes of play.

This pushed Hekari to continue to defend their lead until the final whistle.


Troy Taule