Health services restored in Bogia Community

“Words cannot express the joy and feeling of achievement seeing my community and especially mothers and children accessing basic health services after so many years.” These were the words of Titus Jeremaiah, a Village Health Committee (VHC) in Boroi Vill

With more than a decade of declined health services, the Boroi Aid Post has once again opened its doors to deliver essential health services to the Boroi community and neighbouring villages in January this year.

The aid post is part of World Vision’s Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) Project’s target health facilities for renovation under its second and third year of implementation in Bogia District. 

The MNCH project funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme began the renovations in January of 2015 with the aim of having children and caregivers accessing essential health services. 

The successful renovation and reopening of this health facility was done through partnership with Bogia District and Madang Provincial Health Services and the efforts of VHCs and volunteers in Boroi Village. The renovations included an extension for delivery only at times of emergency cases and improvement of water system with a 3,000 litre rain water tank. Additional resources such as blood pressure (HB) machines, scales, mattresses, pillows were supplied to assist the Community Health Worker assigned to the facility to effectively deliver health services. 

Since its opening, the aid post has attended to more than 100 patients and also done referrals to health centres when necessary. It serves more than 3,000 men, women and children from the cluster of more than five communities.

The renovation and opening of this facility has relieved the burdens, complications, safety of women and children accessing health services from the nearest health centre, approximately 40km away at Bogia Station, the district township. 

“It is really hard for us and our wives, mothers and children to seek health services in Bogia because it is quite a distance to travel and there are only a few PMVs, so in emergency cases, we can’t do anything. But now we thank World Vision for bringing this much needed service to not only my community but all the communities in this ward,” said Titus. 


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