HB firearm tampered with police claim

The firearm recently retrieved by Police alleged to have been used in the Tatana and Hanuabada shootings was altered with.

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi claimed that the policeman removed the firing pin of  the gun and replaced it with another pin that belonged to another weapon.

Turi explained that the firing pin was from an American-made rifle, a Colt Bushmaster AR15, while the body was that of Korean made K1 A1.

The Bushmaster is an official police issued weapon.

Turi explained that the firing pin is the part that will be tested that will determine if the weapon fired the bullet.

The metro police commander says the  policeman is being sought by police after he was released on police bail for previous charges held against him two weeks ago.

He was charged for illegal use of a stolen vehicle.

Turi says that because of this obvious attempt by the policeman to dismantle part of the weapon and refit it with a matching part from another weapon,  they are suspecting  that this weapon was used in the Tatana/Hanuabada shootings.

Turi claims that this amounts to interference with the case adding that the policeman will have additional charges laid on him as well.

Three more weapons are still being sought by investigators with seven other weapons along with this one are now in police custody.

Julianna Waeda