Hanuabada issue ultimatum over deaths

​Furious over a lack of arrests one year on, Hanuabada villagers have threatened to put up roadblocks if police fail to give a timeframe by when those police involved in the shooting will be arrested.

Chairman of the Motu-Koita The Way Forward group, Lohia Boe Samuel told LOOP PNG, “we will demand a timeline from police see arrests or resort to the unthinkable again. Setting up roadblocks.”

A planned get together by families and sympathisers of the two young men killed when police fired into the betelnut market at Hanuaba village on Saturday to be led by Lohia and his team did not eventuate.

This was to have taken place the final resting places of both men, beside Hanuabada village to commemorate their first anniversary.

One year on, there is sadness and renewed anger that the double shootings by police is yet to provide any arrests and closure for grieving families.

“Let us not forget Mr Nou Karoho, survivor of the gunshot,” Lohia said.

“He is now medically unfit for work.”

“Let is also not forget the 85 victims who were belted and kicked around city rangers who also got their selling goods confiscated.”

He said together with the parents of the deceased and Karoho, we will see head of CID Moses Ipsagi for the latest development on the investigations.

Lohia said the MKTWF will assist pay for Karoho’s medical report which declares him medically unfit for work.

“That’s income for a family taken away as a result of what happened a year ago,” he said.

Titi Gabi