Hagen District lights up, thanks to Duma

The rural communities of Hagen District are some of the luckiest in the country to have been lit up by local MP William Duma through his Rural Electrification Program under a K3 million funding.

The ‘Lighting Up Hagen District’ program comes on the back of a successful rural road rehabilitation program the MP has focused on.

Duma’s aim to light up his electorate has gained a lot of momentum with electricity now being connected from Wula-Kental, ogulbeng-puntpulg, Wanka-Kelta, Balg-Baisu, Rau-Kolge, Koipka-Kuimbilika, Gumanz-Panga.

Funding also  also  being made available for extension projects for the Mulgmana and Kuipgil communities (K100,000) Kuipgil (K100,000).

Materials worth over K500,000 have also been purchased while a K500,000 funding for survey on new projects including Warakum-Rondon, Minimb-Togoba, HagenTech-Kala and Tega-Koma, has begun.

The rural power project is being carried out by PNG Power using a truck purchased by Duma who is the Minister for Petroleum and Energy.

He said though the district has over the last 13 years received more services during his three terms as MP. He said first term MPs in the other districts were noticeably delivering in a ‘catch up’ mode.

On governments’ services, he called on the people to respect and take ownership of services that were delivered.

“Hagen people are good people. We have a good soil and an ideal location. Our elites and leaders are honest people. We don’t steal. Let’s settle down and work hard and pull in investors,”  Duma said.

The Minimb, Kumbilka and Kolga rural health facilities funded by the Minister are all completed.

The Minister provided an additional K500,000 for his K3 million rural electrification projects.

He said more services would come in and called on the people not to disturb the projects unnecessarily. 

Johnny Poiya