Gunshots and death ruin residents’ Sunday morning

Residents of Korobosea, in Port Moresby, were jolted awake by a series of gunshots this morning, which resulted in the death of a man.

What could have been a normal, peaceful Sunday, turned into a circus at the Korobosea Drive, around 6.30am, when a group of Highlanders fired at some men from Gulf Province.

Residents told Loop PNG that these groups of men had been drinking since midnight. They got into an argument which eventually led to a man, allegedly from Baimuru, being shot.

Loop was on site to witness the different groups hurling stones and obscenities at each other while their neighbours stood only a few metres away, watching in curiosity.

Police managed to calm the situation down while diverting traffic from the Drive.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, attributed the incident to ‘alcohol abuse’.

“Decency has gone from our people; not only here but around the country,” Turi said.

“Respect has gone. People drink and abuse alcohol at will.

“This is a dire result of drinking and fighting on the street.”

Turi said the forensic unit will now take pictures of the scene as well as get statements from relatives and eyewitnesses.

They already have two suspects in custody.

(The group from Gulf, top left, trying to attack the other party, who were standing behind a locked gate. This was a few minutes before 7am today.)

Carmella Gware