Guards frequently involved in assaulting minors

Security guards are frequently turning up at the Committal Court over allegations of sexually assaulting minors, says Waigani Senior Committal Court magistrate Cosmas Bidar.

Bidar said many security guards are being charged for stealing and cases involving minors.

“Many spend the whole day on watch at places and maybe get confused by the heat of the day and end up doing things they are not supposed to like stealing or committing crimes against minors,” he said.

He made these remarks when reading the charges against a man from Chimbu who was arrested and charged for inappropriately touching a 13 year old girl at Morata 2 early this month.

It is alleged the man (identity withheld due to age of victim) touched the girl around 2:30pm near a school on Oct 8. He was on the run after relatives of the victim went after him. He was later arrested on Oct 10.

 He asked the court for bail today but police prosecution objected saying the father of the victim chased him with a bush knife when he went into hiding.

Prosecution said he should file a proper bail application with guarantors who will make sure he doesn’t abscond his bail conditions. However the court used its discretion and allowed bail at K500.

He is to report to the District court registry every Friday and must only reside at Wildlife till his case is dealt with. He is expected back in court on Nov 10.

Sally Pokiton