Govt releases final TFF payments

Education Minister Nick Kuman has announced that the Department of Treasury has released the last warrants of K113 million to complete the Tuition Fee Free payments for 2016.

“This latest payment brings the total TFF released so far to K602 million,” Kuman says in a statement.

“The payments made to each sector of education, from elementary to vocational and Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE), Inclusive Education Resource Centres (IERC) and Permitted Schools and by province, will be fully reported once the final payment of 2016 is calculated and disbursed.

“I am totally grateful to the government but especially the Prime Minister, and the Treasury and Finance Departments, to ensure that the government’s commitment is once again met in 2016.”

Kuman says this payment demonstrates the government’s commitment in giving priority to this key policy, to ensure that every child receives a quality education in spite of the financial difficulties being faced.

The Department of Education has worked on the payments to be deposited in the commercial banks, he states.

“Schools will have access to their money before the academic year ends on Friday, December 9.

“I am now calling on all school boards to spend the money they receive wisely and settle all outstanding debts so that they can start the 2017 academic year on a clean slate. And, if there are saving, these funds be kept for the start of 2017 academic year.

“I will also be calling on the Finance Secretary to have the Finance Department compliance officers to investigate schools that have been brought to the attention of the Education Department with allegations of misuse of TFF funds,” warns the Education Minister.

“School governing boards must therefore ensure that they account for the money spent with proper reports to parents, education authorities and financial auditors.”

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