Govt’s policy results in poor quality of education: Ipatas

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas have revealed that the government’s free education policy has resulted in poor quality of education for the children in the country.

He said the government’s policy has resulted in poor quality of education and shortage of teachers especially in the English, Mathematics and Science subjects in secondary schools.

He said the Enga Provincial Government is now intending to address this issue and called on the Minister of Higher Education Malakai Tabar to support them.

Tabar, when responding to Sir Peter during Question Time in Parliament said the Government will be supporting the Enga Provincial government in the programmes.

He said it is the Government’s responsibility to have quality education for the children and not poor education.

“We would like to make sure that all our universities and higher learning institutions are able to maintain the responsibility of keeping the standard of quality education in their respective institutions,” he said.

Tabar added that not only Enga the government will be supporting but other mission schools as well.

Meanwhile, Parliament has been adjourned to 10am tomorrow.


Freddy Mou