Governor praises people for ensuring good Games

The NCD Governor Powes Parkop has commended the city's residents for a positive and smooth 2015 games so far.

Addressing reporters a short time ago, Parkop said he would like to see a balance of the investment in the city in terms of development with the social aspect such as the community and their livelihood.

He outlined major infrastructure development and economic development to also go hand in hand to help the people progress.

Parkop says that the city of Port Moresby has a challenge to look after the world class sporting infrastructure as custodians of such venues.

However he also spoke of a need to have good management that can translate into high excellence in sports.

Governor Parkop says the city has been embracing the Pacific Games as he and his metropolitan government were geared towards using sports as a means to create good characters and give young people especially the chance to develop their characters and see a good change in the city.

Parkop called for further cooperation from residents in the days left till the end of the Games.

He says that the impact the Games has had on the city could not be quantified in monetary terms but says that the Games in a sense has helped Port Moresby progress and develop.

The Governor says the city has progressed not only in sports, but also socially in terms of how the people have been motivated to change and have patriotism in their country and their capital city. 

Julianna Waeda