Governor pledges aid for culture gifts

Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru paid a surprise visit to the PNG Education Institute in Port Moresby and assisted seven cultural groups.

He also pledged to assist the PNG Education Institute as well.

Those groups were in the nation's capital for the opening of the 2015 Pacific Games last week.

His help  was in the form of cash, roasted pigs and drinks, which were shared with cultural dancers from Jiwaka, SHP, ESP, Simbu,  Enga, Oro, Gulf and Mikeo in the Central Province.

The Governor gave each group K400, 4 roasted pigs and drinks. 

He also gave K500 to the PNG Games volunteers at the PNG Education Institute for looking after those dancers.

And he thanked the National Organizing Committees for exposing their unique and diverse cultures to the  rest of the Pacific and the world.

"The spectacular opening and the performance of cultural groups from different provinces shows how we can use sports and culture to unite our country and be a leader in the Pacific region," the Governor said.

Naru,  whose Morobe Provincial Government sponsored 94 villagers from three cultural groups, from Huon Gulf, Nawaeb and Siassi Islands, said it was a great opportunity to bring his villagers to the capital city and participate in the 2015 Pacific Games Opening.

"This event provided an opportunity for our villagers who came and participated in the event. And as the government of the people, I am subsidizing their participation to show our unique identity in this historical and memorable opening of the Pacific Games," Naru said.

The seven groups were lost for words when Naru and his staff from his office paid them a surprise visit and fed them.

They said they do have their elected representatives but none have assisted them with such gestures when in Port Moresby and appreciated what the  Morobe Governor has provided for them.

However, Naru's own three groups from Morobe returned after the official opening the next day.

Naru also pledged K20, 000 to help the PNG Education Institute with their administration. 

Bustin Anzu