Governor cautions protest march organisers

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has warned that the planned protest in Kimbe must follow procedures.

Muthuvel told Loop PNG that he is aware of the planned and agreed to all the concerns raised but is cautious that proper procedures must be followed and that no business houses should be affected.

 “I cannot do a stunt myself. Appropriate authorities must be consulted and involved to be effective.

“These include police, labour, immigration and customs must be involved,” he said.

He calls on the organiser (Caspar Reure) to have an equal playing field in WNB.

Muthuvel said the Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea had been also made aware of the protest.

The governor reiterated that he had advised the Administrator to tell the Kimbe town manager not to issue any trading licence to Asians doing business in the province without verifying the IPA registration number, Tax Identification Number (TIN) , GST and the Gross Profit numbers.

He said the provincial assembly will meet this week and address these issues but with the main focus being on the 2016 provincial budget.

The peaceful protest march to the provincial government will take place during next month.

Organised by prominent leader Caspar Reure, the march has been gaining wide support from people of West New Britain.

The three main issues that will be highlighted include the legality of Asians doing businesses in the province, Provincial Health Authority to conduct inspections of all fast-food outlets and for the provincial government to appoint a town planner.

Freddy Mou