Government to maintain major policies: O'Neill

The Government is continuing to maintain its major policies and projects, which is evident across the country where vast majority of the population are seeing and benefiting from, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

He said major policies on education, health, infrastructure, law and order and economic development undertaken by the present Government are driving the nation forward. 

O’Neill added that Free Education being the top priority has enabled thousands of children to enrol in schools as ever experienced before and has relieved school fee burdens many parents have faced.

“Every children in this country deserves a better education to make a sound living in the future and it is this Government that is making it happen."

He said though many may not find job easily, a good education can enable them to become a good and successful businessman and woman in the future.

O’Neill made these statements when officiating at the opening of the Pangia Luu Lodge on Saturday, June 11, 2016 in his electorate in Ialibu Pangia.

He said the opening of the lodge signifies the importance of education and businessman and lodge owner Eke Lama is a fine example of this.

“He never made it to University but with the little education he has gained, it has enabled him to become a successful businessman in the country.”

O’Neill urged parents to talk to their children on education importance and leave politics behind, as it will only do harm to them.

He said the Government including them have sacrificed a lot in education to ensure children are better educated to look after themselves, their family and lead the country forward when their turn comes in future.

O’Neill said the country is experiencing development at a faster rate and people must adapt to it as well and be part of it rather than criticising those who sacrifices their time and effort in bringing positive changes.

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