Government to fund pregnant mothers

Pregnant mothers will now be stationed at a designated area in preparation for giving birth, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement on Monday.

O’Neill said the Government will be making this compulsory in the next parliament session in January 2017.

He said the Government will fund this initiative especially in rural areas.

He added that the health department will be advising the government on this imitative and will move to implement it.

“Our Government will fund mothers from villages to come and stay at urban areas to have their babies delivered and returned.

“This way, our infant mortality rate will drop,” he said.

O’Neill said the Cuban doctors who will be coming to PNG will be helping with this initiative along with local doctors and nurses.

“Our aim is to bring them (mothers) to town and city’s hospitals where there is adequate care and safe delivery of the new born babies.”

He said the government is seriously looking into this issue and will be implementing it in 2017.



Freddy Mou