Government to fulfill commitments by end of December

Treasurer, Patrick Pruaitch assured the Parliament on Thursday that the Government will fulfill all its commitments before December 31, 2016.

When responding to Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare’s questions on the provincial quarterly grants, Pruaitch said the Government will still give the funding to the provinces.

Pruaitch said given the cash flow problem the country is facing, the revenue coming into the Government coffers are a concern.

“Therefore, we have taken measures to control the spending and the release of funds to the provinces,” he said.

“The Government is working to ensure that the commitments made in 2016 Budget will be fully funded before the end of December.”

He said the Government will be able to make it up to its commitments and will make sure the province get their funds.

Pruaitch added that all the Provincial Services Improvement Programme (PSIP) and District Services Improvement Programme (DSIP) will be paid to Provincial Governors and Members of Parliament before the end of the financial year.



Freddy Mou