Gordons police receive new tyres

Gordons police station got a timely logistical boost today.

The Station was given  10 tires by Country Tours Limited as part of the company’s community service obligation.

Wako Napasu Managing Director of Country Tours says that the tires were given to the station as a good will gesture to help officers work effectively.

Napasu says  police are a vital part of helping to ensure the good business environment in their area of operations.

He says that this is something that they company values and looks to help by continuing this gesture as they carry out a re-fleeting of  their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Gordons based second in command Mark Mosinakave thanked the company for the help.

He said it was good to see the members of the community help take ownership of the law and order issue by coming to the aid of the station.


Julianna Waeda