Google Maps lets you step inside Rio's Olympics 2016 venues

The Olympic Torch has just reached Brazil, 93 days before the 2016 Olympic Games kicks off.

And now Google Maps is letting us take a peek inside the stadia.

The mapping tool allows you to enter the 25 indoor venues that will host the Olympics' sporting events come August.

To jump in and see what the venue looks like on the inside, select it on Google Maps (here's Maracanã​ to start, where the football will be played), zoom in and click on it.

In the bottom-right of the screen you'll see options for the floors and levels - click one, and you'll be transported there.

Then just have a mooch about and take in the view.

It also shows up points of interest like concessions, toilets, information desks and cash machines. So you can plan the route from your seat to miss as little of the action as possible.

Google Maps also offers enhanced outdoor maps for 12 official outdoor venues for the Olympics, and real-time transit in Rio de Janeiro. So us armchair Olympians can pretend we're there.