Give major impact projects to locals, says resident

Major impact projects will be successfully carried out if contracted to locals.

Epo spokesperson Moiu Koaru told Loop PNG this following the celebration of the final sealing of the Malalaua-Epo road in Gulf Province on Thursday.

Dekenai Construction Ltd started work on the 57km road in 2014, under project manager Jim Taparu, who is also from Gulf. Koaru stressed that based on the successful implementation of the project, it can be concluded that local contractors have a sense of ownership.

Project manager Taparu also confirmed that: “Previously there were other projects here but they all failed”. “Since the beginning of creation until after 41 years of independence, Gulf now has a sealed road,” said the project manager.

The final sealing of the Epo road was accompanied with joyous singing and dancing from locals, followed by a big kaikai. Taparu’s Kukukuku tribesmen from the hinterlands of the province proudly took the lead in the celebrations, dancing on the newly-sealed road.

The K90 million project was funded by the World Bank through the National Government. (Dekenai project manager Jim Taparu and his wantoks from the Kukukuku tribe.)

Carmella Gware