Ghostbusters fire station proposal

A British film fan proposed to his girlfriend inside the fire station from Ghostbusters and she said yes.

Giles Baugh, 34, got down on one knee inside Ladder 8 in New York's Tribeca district in Manhattan to ask for Melissa Ward's hand in marriage.

Many of the most famous scenes from the movie franchise were shot there and Giles is a massive Ghostbusters fan.

But he says he needed help to get inside the fire house because it's currently closed for renovations.

"The fire house is a working fire station and nobody's allowed in there," he told Newsbeat after arriving back in the UK.

"It's off limits because of health and safety rules from the New York City Fire Department.

"But at the moment it's closed for renovations for a year, which is being carried out by the New York Department of Design and Construction.

"So I reached out to them on email and they kindly said they'd see what they could do. And they did.

"They got in touch and said the media would be involved and said, 'It's a really good thing for us that we've got something positive.'

"They made it all happen. So hats off to them for getting approval from the fire department and letting me in."

The fire station, which dates from 1903, is currently undergoing a $6.5m (£5.2m) renovation including new windows.

Giles says he always wanted a unique place to propose to Melissa.

"I wanted to propose to Melissa but I didn't want to do it in a typical way," he says.

"I think there's a cliché when people travel to New York, to do the Empire State thing or Central Park thing.

"But Ghostbusters has always been my lifetime favourite movie.

"I'm a bit of a fan, I've got the memorabilia and I thought, 'What a great opportunity it would be while I'm there to go down to the fire house at Ladder 8 and ask the big question and completely throw her off guard.'"

Melissa Ward, who says she's learned to embrace Giles's love of Ghostbusters, happily agreed to the proposal on Thursday.

The couple met while working in a supermarket together two-and-a-half years ago and now live together in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Giles says it's up to Melissa when the wedding will take place, but he doesn't think it'll have a Ghostbusters theme.