Get toned the PNG way

You can pass out as a warrior with perfectly carved muscles or close, in just six weeks; but only if you challenge yourself to.

You don’t have to be tall, or of a certain age, a specific sex and have access to the gym to be able to.

Tru Warrior PNG is a two-brother team that aims to instil this idea in the minds of Papua New Guineans.

Founded in 2013, brothers Tala and Tomasi Kami have been providing personalised programs targeted for local population to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The brothers are professional trainers and have brought a different idea to how personal fitness and training works.

“Our programs are designed for any environment because we want our clients to realise that you don’t necessarily need a gym and training equipment to keep fit. We’ve carried out trainings on the beach, at car parks, at homes,” Tala said.

And you don’t just enter the challenge, you go prepared to train hard and train dirty, with the best in town.

Tru Warrior PNG at the moment is running a program called the “Ripped for Christmas challenge” which started on November 7 and ends on December 17.

This challenge is open to all levels, with separate sessions for the advanced and beginners each.

The challenge has been in demand with at least 60 percent of those signing up being women, according to Tala.

“This is an opportunity for people to change their lifestyle and get into shape. It’s not a competition, rather, it is a challenge more to yourself; to push yourself and achieve the expected result in the given time period,” he explained.

Tala said the challenge is still open to any interested person to register. Tru Warrior also has a planned program for January.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

To learn more, visit the TruWarriorPNG Facebook page:

Gloria Bauai