Get foreign experts to chair students’ CoI, says Polye

High esteemed professionals from other Commonwealth Nations must be brought in to chair the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into what transpired at the University of Papua New Guinea yesterday.

Opposition Leader Don Poyle welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision but the CoI should be balanced and fair.

“I do not trust the police commissioner; I want highly placed people from Australia, New Zealand or England who have the same jurisdiction like ours (PNG) to chair the CoI.

“The terms of reference must be strictly confined to the shooting and unlawful wounding of students yesterday, police operational orders, rules of engagement and use of lethal force of unarmed civilians,” Poyle said.

He added that outside experts must be used to collect evidence and also give opinions.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said in Parliament yesterday that a CoI will be set up in the coming weeks to look into university students’ issues.

Charles Yapumi