Gerehu 24 markets destroyed

More than 10 stalls and market table belonging to informal sector vendors at the famous twenty-four hour market at Gerehu, stage 3B were destroyed and burnt by police during a morning raid yesterday.

The famous 24 hour betlenut market is one of the hot spot and the police are monitoring the area and raiding it for the third time this week.

This was a follow-up of the betlenut burn act in the city during the last NCD meeting to completely ban bettlenut markets at the bustop area and around the city streets.

Following the ban, a group of armed policeman moved in at the 24 market and chased the vendors yesterday morning before a bulldozer accompanied the team moved in and cleaned the area gathering all tables into a pile and set them on fire.

No more than an hour after the police left the vendors moved in again and pulled their burning tables out of the flames and set up their markets.

However, the police will continue to monitor the area as the country prepare for some of the important National event starting next month with  the FIFA U20 women’s world cup.






Lamech Jinimbo