GCF: Countries must take ownership

Countries, including Papua New Guinea, must take ownership of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The director for GCF Taskforce, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sally Truong, said GCF focuses on countries to at least put in some level of support to fund project proposals.

Truong said this demonstrates country ownership of the proposals.

GCF was established to assist developing countries finance their climate change mitigation and adaptation programs.

The proposals must be submitted to the GCF Board to undergo screening before they can be approved for funds to be released.

Truong explained that according to the GCF criteria, project proposals must include the GCF value and purpose of funding, which is very important.

She said the proposal must also explain how the GCF funding will help the country deliver the outcomes of the project.

“This helps to ensure sustainability because the country at least provides some funding, not only for operational and maintenance of the project, but maybe set aside funding to do training.”

Truong added that PNG doesn’t have direct access entities of its own at this time, but it has a range of multilectal and regional accredited entities that the National Designated Authority can partner with.    

Access entities are accredited by the GCF Board in accordance with the governing instrument and relevant board decisions.

Quintina Naime