Ganasi maintains stand on equity shares

South Fly MP and deputy Speaker of Parliament Aide Ganasi has again reiterated that any proposal submitted on the sharing of the 33.33% equity without the consent of the people of Western should not be entertained

“We are in the process of finalizing the 33.33% equity sharing splits through the proposed Community Consultative and Awareness Program which will take two months to complete.

He said after the awareness, they will have to formally deliberate and endorsed by the Provincial Council Assembly and the PEC before it is submitted to NEC for deliberations.

Ganasi said as leaders they would like to see that the benefits flow to the people so they are empowered to make decisions over their own resources.

The 0k Tedi 33.33% free equity shareholding in 0k Tedi Mine endorsed by NEC is welcomed by the people of Western Province, the Provincial Government, the District Development Authorities and the CMCA communities and Mine Villages.

“We oppose the proposed split of the 33.33% equity submitted by Governor Ati Wobiro and a few selected leaders from the Mine and CMCA communities as the proposed sharing split of 9.11% to Mine Lease Villages, 12.11% to CMCA Communities and 12.11% to the Provincial Government was agreed to by these said leaders and the Governor in Port Moresby without fully consulting the beneficiaries.”

Meanwhile, the massive awareness campaign has already begun on Tuesday with a series of meetings with leaders, councilors, women leaders and village planning committees before the actual awareness program to the CMCA and Non CMCA areas within the North, Middle and South Fly Region.

The Fly River Provincial Government and the District Development Authorities are jointly funding the awareness’ program.

Freddy Mou