FSVU evaluation report launched

​The 17 Family and Sexual Violence units (FSVU) established since 2009 have all undergone a review.

The evaluation report was launched yesterday at the Police headquarters by the Deputy Police Commissioner for Administration, Raphael Huafolo.

Huafolo said the Constabulary recognises that family sexual violence is a serious concern in PNG.

Prior to the introduction of the  Family Sexual Violence Unit, many victims of family sexual violence were not served at police station counters because this was considered a “domestic problem”.

Since the introduction of FSVU and increasing awareness, there has been a slow but gradual change in the mindset of policemen and an increase in reports to the various services available for victims, including police.

To date 40,000 cases of abuse have been processed through the units in the 17 different localities.

Efforts are underway to further improve the existing service.

Addressing the efficiency of the system and the effectiveness of police is one aspect of the campaign while having in place support services for victims is another.

He said all stakeholders need to come together and address this issue if family sexual violence is to be addressed.

Julianna Waeda