Fourth Digicel tower set for Telefomin

A forth Digicel telecommunications tower will be set up in West Sepik’s Telefomin District, following today’s cheque presentation of K 1 million from MP, Solan Mirisim, to Digicel PNG Limited.

The tower will be set up in the vicinity of the Frieda River mine project to support its progress.

Mirism presented the payment to Digicel’s Director Government Relations, Gary Seddon in a brief presentation this week.

The Telefomin MP said the 3.6 billion dollar Frieda River project is being given priority.

With the cash flow issue in the country taking a toll on many businesses, the district, through its District Improvement Services Program grant, has foot the bill for the fourth tower, which costs a million kina to set up.

Seddon said the increase in the number of towers gives the 50,000 plus population more access to services that otherwise takes days to reach.

Telefomin is one of PNG’s most isolated districts - having no road links into major towns.

Most of their traveling is done by air, which is expensive and uses up most of the district’s funds when bringing in services.

Salome Vincent