Foundation working to assist PNG hospitals

A newly developed foundation and US based Medical equipment supplier, the Niugini Foundation is working to support hospitals and health centers in Papua New Guinea.

This follows a memorandum signed early last month between a US-based non-governmental organization MedShare.

The Foundation is US based and is headed by a Papua New Guinean living in the US. Its aim is to assist PNG hospitals and health centers by supplying medical supplies and equipment to Papua New Guinea at lower prices.

Nuigini Foundation CEO and founder James Kisa said with the financial help from them and in partnership with their United States partner MedShare, they can now do a “supply only”.

“This means that recipient hospitals can pick whatever they want from the MedShare supplies inventory, and together with the support of Niuigini Foundation it is also possible for recipients to select container contents with an even higher overall value than a container that also contains some equipment,” Kisa said.

Kisa further said the foundation also has online payment available but can't give access to online inventory store unless the buyer confirms funds are available for purchase of the medical container.

“Once you have the funds ready then we will grant you a password and username to login and start request the supplies and equipment online.”

With that, Mr Kisa added that the Foundation has so far raised K200, 000 and will continue to raise funds with its partners to meet one third of the cost to have the recipients fully covered for Christmas.

He says it is now a huge privilege for hospitals and health centers to make use of this opportunity.

Normally, a medical container will cost K80, 000 but with Niugini foundation’s help, hospitals and health centres have a much cheaper option to purchase from.

Lamech Jinimbo