Follow procedures to boost confidence in us: Contractor

Local companies implementing international funded projects must do so according to international standards so that there is growing confidence to hire them.

In an interview with Loop PNG, Managing Director of Kemele Constructions, Firman Joseph, said when local companies do not implement projects correctly, it becomes a setback for many PNG companies.

On Friday, Joseph signed an K8.54 million project with the National Airports Corporation (NAC) to implement an Asian Development Bank funded fencing and associated works contract at the Buka Airport.

And he says they will work hard to deliver the project on time and meet global standards so that other PNG companies can benefit.

“Were trying to do this one right so that all the others coming up can qualify, and the ADB will have confidence in our national companies,” said Joseph.

NAC Chairman, Rueben Aila, said he was impressed with the awarding of the project to Kemele under its Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP). Projects implemented under CADIP follow strict local and international guidelines.

“It is pleasing to note that Kemele Construction Limited is the second fully fledged, 100 percent PNG-owned company to win a CADIP civil works contract, and I think that’s pretty impressive,” said Aila.

Joseph said it was an achievement of his to work on big projects and the signing was divine intervention for him.

“I have to give thanks to God because he is one of the major players in whatever I’m doing so it’s a stepping stone for other companies that nothing is impossible,” he said.

Kemele Constructions was founded in 2007 and has worked on several projects on the education sector for the Southern Highlands and Hela governments.

They have also been involved in demolition exercises and fencing projects in Port Moresby.

Kemele Constructions is currently focused on the Star Mountain project fencing and upcoming projects in Lae and Hela.

Cedric Patjole