Flights will be disrupted if PM disregards ultimatum

Flights will be disrupted and port services will also be interrupted if the 48-hour ultimatum given to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step down is not adhered to.

The ultimatum will end on Tuesday (tomorrow) midnight.

Aviation Industry spokesperson Captain James Makop told Loop PNG in an exclusive interview this morning that the call was basically for O’Neill to resign and allow the police to investigate him regarding some serious allegations against him.

“Basically our concern was what we see as deliberate suppression of the rule of law by the Prime Minister,” he said.

Makop said it is about time they stand up and speak on behalf of the people of this country rather than be silent and let one man run the country without following the rule of law.

He said they (Aviation Industry) have the support of the Maritime Workers Union, PNG Power Association, Telikom Workers Association, Health Workers Association and the teachers.

Makop added that they are taking the stand not because of industrial issues but a concern for the people of this nation.

“After the 48-hour ultimatum, we will call for a stop work from all the sectors.

“We cannot allow the PM to hold this country at ransom because the way he is handling and running the country’s affairs are not in the right direction,” he said.

Makop is calling on the public servants to support them and see this move as a step in the right direction, not for themselves but for the betterment of their children’s future.

He claimed that the Prime Minister has been borrowing monies irresponsibly outside the Public Services Management Act and requirement of the budgetary procedures.

Makop said they do not want PNG to be like Zimbabwe, where the rule of law was suppressed and not followed by leaders.

“If he (O’Neill) does not resign as Prime Minister after the 48-hour ultimatum, we will call for a civil disobedience and there will be stop work across the board.”

He said there will be major disruptions to the aviation industry if O’Neill does not adhere to the ultimatum.

Loop PNG understands that there was a press conference held yesterday (Sunday) by a group of senior professionals, representing different industries in the country, issuing the ultimatum to the Prime Minister.

Makop added that O’Neill is aware of the ultimatum.

Loop PNG is yet to get a response from the PM after contacting him for comments.

Meanwhile, the Eda Ranu board and management team, as well as union executives, will be having a press conference this afternoon regarding the 48-hour notice and stop-work issue.

Freddy Mou