Fight heightens to stop Gender Based Violence

The pain and cries inflicted due to gender violence has gone on for too long and women from the National Capital District would like to declare this as a state of emergency.

Meeting with respective authorities, various women groups with support of a few men have moved to push for the issue to be seriously addressed at the government level.

The meet today identified the Papua New Guinea National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence 2016 – 2025 is yet to be endorsed by the government.

The strategy published in late 2015 was compiled through a concerted effort by all stakeholders, with four objectives, one including prevention of GBV.

Gayle Tatsi, Executive Director of the Office for the Development of Women under the Department for Community Development and Religion, says there has been some government commitment in this area but not enough to totally address GBV.

She is calling on the civil society to lobby behind and push for this strategy to be addressed by the National Executive Council.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop, also behind the women’s movement will join the hundreds of women in Port Moresby to protest next Friday.

He has appealed to the whole city to join in on the fight to stop GBV.

Gloria Bauai