FIFA security checks get under way for games

Thorough security check at gaming venues commenced as of yesterday before the arrival of the first team this morning at the Jacksons International Airport.

The Dog Unit as well as a team of officers specialising in bombs and explosives started off search at the Sir John Guise Stadium splitting up into small search parties to do a thorough search of the gaming venue.

RPNGC Officer in Charge Dog Unit Commander Leuth Nidung told Loop PNG this afternoon that they were also at the international Airport early this morning to do clearance checks.

The team from Venezuela arrived this morning.

Commander Nidung says security checks and clearance will be done every step of the way for the international teams that will be in the country for the next couple of weeks.

“The teams’ transportation was checked by the Dog Unit officers before the team boarded and their accommodations were also checked again before they were to check in and settle,” says Nidung.

He adds that all accommodations, hotels, vehicles, team transportations, gaming venues, training grounds will be checked before any of the teams set foot on them.

“We will be on ground for security so after everything has been checked and cleared, we will give the “ok” for the teams to proceed.”

So far, FIFA security operations are proceeding well and according to schedule. 

Annette Kora