Female rice farmer sells harvest to Trukai

Amadi-Baga rice farmers in the Kairuku Hiri district earned their return from rice production when Trukai Industries purchased their first harvest this week.

The group led by upcoming woman rice farmer Eileen Iambul planted four hectares with Trukai’s support on a pilot basis.

Trukai rice project manager Humphrey Saese said from the four hectare land, she made her fist harvest and sold it back to Trukai, a process set by the company to ensure a complete supply chain on rice development in the country.

Saese said 19 tonnes of rice was purchased at 90t per kilo of milled rice.

Trukai CEO Greg Worthington-Eyre presented a dummy cheque of over K10 000 for the pioneer harvest.

The presentation was witnessed by Amadi farmers and Trukai officials.

Saese said Iambul is the first woman rice farmer in the country to have planted a four hectares.

“Finally we have reached a milestone. This is the first locally grown rice to get into Trukai packs, a milestone for PNG farmers,” said Saese.

A similar purchase is expected for Oro rice farmers later this month.

Seniorl Anzu