Fashion show promotes culture

Fashion is one way to promote and preserve our culture.

At least 200 people gathered at the Stanley Hotel and Suites for what was regarded as a celebration of fashion in PNG.

"The fashion industry, although still young and untapped, described as a sleeping giant, has the potential to meaningfully develop the local economy," Sios said.

Dr Michael Mel from the Jubilee Institute used the event as an example to stress on creativity and culture.

He said the night marked a special occasion to showcase creativity, innovation the Papua New Guinea way.

"This is taking PNG creativity to the next level," he said.

Furthering on culture, he said PNG culture emerges only on Independence Day or cultural days, which should not be the case.

He said culture should be appreciated and acknowledged every day, and through fashion is one.

Marianna Ellingson, director, Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture said the ministry will work closely with passionate people in the industry to raise more awareness on what PNG has in this area.

"It's not a new industry but for PNG, it is and we need pro-activeness from the government to protect such industries."

Gloria Bauai