Fake Hunters game tickets trap 100 keen fans

More than 100 people so far have been turned away at the gates of the Sir John Guise stadium after trying to enter with fake tickets for the SP PNG Hunters and Wynnum Manly Seagulls clash this afternoon.

Staff from the National Sports Trust Limited  (NSTL) say these were people who bought tickets on the street.

"You can't enter the gate with a fake ticket as the scanner checking tickets will pick it up. A hundred plus people have already been found out and sent away.

"Some have even tried to enter with tickets that had been photocopied," said one staff member.

One of the people who was caught, John Kemba, says he bought his outer stand ticket in the morning from sellers just outside the stadium for K80 and had no idea it was fake.

Thousands more people are still in line trying to get in. NSTL staff with the police are on full alert for people selling or trying to enter with fake tickets.

Troy Taule