Enga will be transformed into ‘education hub’

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas wants to transform his province into an education hub in Papua New Guinea.

Sir Peter, dubbed ‘Action Governor’ by his people, is confident the environment is now conducive to achieve the provincial government’s vision.

“We are working towards a vision to make Enga become an education hub for Papua New Guinea,” Sir Peter told media in Wabag.    

“As a provincial government, we have set a strategy for our vision, that is why we are currently going through this process of establishing these institutions in Enga Province. 

“With the support of the O’Neill Government, we in the last four years started with firstly, the establishment of Enga Teachers College, which had four graduations so far.

“We also established the IBS Campus here in Enga, which has had two graduations so far.

“We also have the Enga Nursing College, which will see its graduation early this year, and of course we have started on the Polytechnical College, which is now established with a NEC decision to have five polytechnical colleges in the country.

“We have an education and medical hub. That is the long-term aim of the government,” Sir Peter said.

The provincial government for two decades, under the helm of Sir Peter, has paid its students’ fees, from elementary to tertiary institutions.

And now with the current Government allocating money to subsidise education nationwide, the provincial government is determined to improve its quality of education.    

Charles Yapumi