Elderly man recovers body of aborted baby in drain

A fetus, believed to be aborted, was found in a small ditch at Sabama, Port Moresby, yesterday around 5pm.

According to witnesses and people living around the area, the fetus looked to be 5 to 6 months old, was aborted, packed in a plastic bag and thrown in the nearby drain.

The fetus was said to have been in the drain since the previous night and was found by an elderly man later in the afternoon.

The witness, who did not want to be named, said he thinks that the fetus could have been left there a day prior to its discovery as a good number of people have already been going back and forth from the same area, thinking it was just a plastic filled with rubbish.

He said when he walked past, he noticed what he thought looked like blood and picked up the plastic bag, only to discover the unborn baby. It had only recently started to form, he claimed.

He took the bag to the complaint office just off the Sabama bus stop and that’s when people started to gather, causing a scene.

Police arrived a few minutes later to collect witness statements and an ambulance was called in shortly after to transport the body to the morgue.

Police say they have compiled witness statements to be taken to Boroko police station and an investigation will be carried out to find out who the mother of the fetus is.

The male nurse on the ambulance also confirmed that a post mortem will be done to determine exactly how old the fetus is.

The surrounding communities condemned the action of the mother and said they will help police find out her identity.

(St John’s Ambulance taking the baby’s body to the morgue)

Annette Kora