DSIP auditing will be in place says Minister Abel

More work will be done to improve the reporting and auditing of District Service Improvement Program (DSIP) says Planning Minister Charles Abel.

DSIP allocation did not see any changes in the 2017 National Budget handed down by the Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch on Monday.   

“You will find out the PSIP (Provincial Service Improvement Program) have come down it had been K5 million per district, have been reduced by K10 million.

“A very important platform for this government is subnational empowerment, it is not only funding DSIP, but it goes down to funding health, education, law and order, transport and services in a major way,” Abel said after the handing down of the Budget.  

“Things are happening at the village level that have never happened before, I do not say the program is perfect, but I keep saying we need to perfect the reporting and auditing processes and that process has begun, my Alotau District have fully been audited, and we need to build up the process so will see that these funds have been fully accounted for.”

The local Alotau MP also stated that wards in each districts will for the first time receive direct funding.

In the next year money plan for the country, the provinces received the biggest cut of the Budget with K3.6 billion, or 27.8 per cent of the total budget.

The major appropriations include PSIP K220 million, DSIP K890 million and Wards K61.8 million.  

Charles Yapumi