Do not abuse goodness of Papua New Guineans: Poyle

Opposition Leader, Don Polye, has urged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill not to abuse the patience and goodness of the people of PNG.

He said this today during the opening of the final day of the Waigani Seminar in Port Moresby.

“I warn us that we must not do that,” said Polye.

“The people of this nation, they are illiterate of course, but they are not fools!”

“Government is running out with the patience, and goodness, and decency of Papua New Guineans.”

Polye said the opposition had predicted an economic crisis and that the likelihood of that happening was now a reality.

He said desperate measure had to be taken immediately to avoid the effects of it within the next three years.

Polye also reiterated the oppositions alternative government policy of a skilled population with strengthened institution’s to deliver services on the back of effective leadership and good governance.

He said the theme of the Seminar: Celebrating the Past, Understanding the Present, and Charting the  Future through Effective Leadership, and Good Governance: was an appropriate theme as PNG prepares to celebrate 40 years of Independence.

Cedric Patjole