District Court ruling on Kavo case deferred

The Waigani District Court this morning deferred the ruling on the misappropriation case against Gulf Governor Havila Kavo to the end of this month.

The Committal Court on April 22 ruled it was satisfied that there is an existence of sufficient prima facie evidence on the charge of misappropriation against Kavo.

What was returnable today in court was a ruling that was supposed to be made to Kavo’s section 96 statements or his response to the district court finding sufficient evidence against him.

This will now take place on May 24.

Kavo of Herekela village, Ihu district, Gulf province was arrested on June 17, 2015, on misappropriation charges and released two days later on a K5,000 bail.  

The charge against Kavo alleges that he dishonestly applied to his use K783, 195.70 – monies belonging to the State – between January 5 and 27, 2015.

It is alleged that Kavo, being the chairman of the Gulf Economic Development Authority and Gulf governor, authorized the withdrawal of 21 BSP cheques amounting to K783, 195.70.

These monies were allegedly withdrawn  from a dividend cheque dated Jan 5, 2015. The cheque was of an amount of K1,019,658. 

The Gulf Economic Development Authority was set up as a trust company and was established by the Gulf Provincial Government to manage and invest funds for the people of the province.

It was alleged that these 21 cheques totalling K783,195.70 were withdrawn on instructions from Governor Kavo within the month of January.

All these withdrawals were allegedly done without the knowledge and authorisation of the assembly members and Provincial Executive Council members of the Gulf Provincial Government.


Sally Pokiton