Digicel gives special rate for Madang-Lae highway

Digicel is supporting Madang residents affected by the disruption of the Madang-Lae highway by reducing all Digicel outbound calls to 8 toea per minute on Friday 4 March.

The rate will apply to all calls made only on Friday from Madang Province between Digicel account holders.

Digicel PNG CEO, Maurice McCarthy, said it was incredibly important for Madang locals traveling along the affected area to be able to keep communication with local authorities and with family and friends.

“We hope that by reducing the cost of calls in the area we can provide some relief to the region affected,” he said.

Travel along the Madang-Lae highway has been disrupted following heavy rain in Madang, which has washed out sections of the highway throughout the Usino-Bundi district.

“To aid communication from people and motorists travelling along the highway, Digicel is pleased to provide support with reduced call costs at 8 toea per minute this Friday,” McCarthy said.

“Digicel is the country’s largest network provider and we are committed to ensuring our customers are connected to others when they need it most.”

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