Dialogue and feedback to improve RAA work

The Rural Airstrip Agency (RAA) says more dialogue and feedback is needed to improve its engagement in airstrip maintenance and restoration programs.

The RAA says dialogue with stakeholders will improve prioritization of airstrip and works to be done while feedback gives updates on the conductions of airstrip.

This was revealed during the Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Council (CIMC) National Forum in Port Moresby this year.

Many airstrips in PNG are the lifeline for service delivery in rural areas. However, there has been a lack of service delivery due, impart, to several issues affecting airstrips. They include:

  • Poorly maintained  airstrips
  • Low number of operators
  • Shortage of experienced pilots
  • High operating costs
  • Few Operator incentives
  • Profitability
  • Need for Government subsidy

The RAA says there are currently 43 airstrip on the maintenance program in five provinces and four restoration project in three provinces.

The RAA is receiving funding assistance from the Government, Provinces, District Development Authority’s (DDA’s), and Members of Parliament.

They are also assisting Provincial Governments and DDA’s in the implementation of Airstrip maintenance.

The RAA was established in September 2014 following an National Executive Council decision 326 of 2013.

Their role is to aintain and restore rural airstrips throughout PNG in partnership with communities and all levels of Government and improve Aviation Safety for operations into Rural Airstrips.

Loop file photo

Cedric Patjole